Documents and guides

Membership Renewal

Please refer to the membership section for information about membership renewals or to enquire about becoming a member. 

Trip grades and advice for participants and lead

Please read the following documents when you are considering joining a club trip or leading a club trip.

All calendared club trips will have a leader whose experience and skills are known to the club committee.

Trip gradings/leader description

This describes the nature of grade A, B, C and D paddles, the sort of skills and equipment you will need and the skills and experience of the leader of the trip.

Generic risk assessment (Mar 2022)

Covers the club's safety precautions to ensure safer paddling.


leader experience record (Mar 2022)

If you are intending to lead a trip,  please complete a leader experience record and talk it through with one of the committee members so we have a good idea of your skills and experience


Participant checklist (Mar 2022)

Read this before taking part in any NFKCC club trips.


Leader checklist (Mar 2022)

Read this before leading any NFKCC club trips. Please refer to the generic risk assessment as well.