NFKCC Indian Christmas -14th December

We will be at the Asha Curry House in Ashurst again this year for the Christmas "Curryfest"… same deal as last year £20 per person.
Choose from the menu : -

Friday 14th December - 19:15 for 19:30 start.

Please purchase drinks from the bar separately on the night (A few got left on the tab and had to be settled by me last year  :'( )

1) A starter
2) A main
3) Choice of 1 rice or 1 naan (if its not already included in the main meal dish)

Poppadum's will be served on arrival and the a few side dishes will be thrown in too....

Please - decide what you would like from the menu (Link above) - write it down, Get this to us together with money. FULL DETAILS ON FORUM.

Partners / Husbands / Wives all welcome - we had an excellent turnout last year of 24 members, lets try and take over the whole restaurant this year.

Anglesey 2019 dates

The dates for the annual club Anglesey trip are:

Thursday 31st Jan 2019 arrive for the 3/4 day trip
Friday 1st Feb for paddle 1 or arrive for the 2 day trip
Saturday 2nd Feb for paddle 2
Sunday 3rd Feb for Paddle 3
Monday 4th Feb for 4 day trip Peer Paddle

The trip price will include evening meals and Breakfast, accommodation and coaching fees.

The price should be similar to last year's.

You will still be able to make your own lunch in the small kitchen 😃

The 2019 trip is again for paddlers of Three Star Sea standard or above.

Prices and booking form will be coming out before the end of the month - see forum......normal rules apply:

* Limited spaces available, so first come, first served!
* 4 day trip includes an extra night and meal at the Centre on the Sunday PM & Breakfast on Monday AM.
* There will be a peer paddle on Monday 4th
* You do not have a place on the trip until I have your full payment!
* The payment is non returnable - sorry!
* All payments will be made online this year..... I will not be taking cash or Cheques!
* Please try to share cars
* You can book on the 4 day, 3 day or 2 day trip

Winter Pool sessions 2018/2019

Two hour pool sessions for members starting  on the 24th October. £5 a night. Most wednesdays between October and March.

Ideal for learning and improving skills in the warm support by informal coaching by our members.

Boats are provided (please don't bring your own) as are decks together with a selection of paddles.

Please ensure that any kit you do bring is CLEAN as there are strict requirements in place.